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Vampire Diaries 30 Day Challenge—Day 4: Favorite Friendship                           Dalaric [Damon/Alaric aka Team Badass]

There are alot of friendships that I love on tvd, but by far my favorite ever is Dalaric.  They kind of seem like they would not likely be friends but they have a lot more in common then they thought and they have one of the best friendships. I cried so much when Damon walked out of the crypt and we knew Ric was dead, that was so hard. I was SO pissed that they killed him off the show. That was so so so not cool I mean wtf.  I know he made a few appearances since then but I mean they brought Jeremy and Bonnie back so I think that they should bring him back. I don’t care that he went crazy or that he took Mikael’s place as a vampire who hunts vampires but I just want plain old Dalaric Ric back because those days were so perfect.  I love how Damon who barely ever shows people he cares constantly did, like even now he sits at the place they always used to sit at the bar and no one can sit there and he still has a drink there for him.  God when Damon was in the cemetery after Ric died and he was drinking and talking to Ric and he was like I miss you too buddy I lost it omg….the feels are too much. Team Badass forever.


"however long it takes "

Tvd.♥ itt: We Heart It.

Perhaps one day, in a year or even in a century, you’ll turn up at my door and let me show you what the world has to offer.

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Ohhh, the way he says: “LOVE” That accent…makes me go ashgfewu ♥


Grizzly bear cub ft. wolf pup

A baby bear.

Playing with a baby wolf.

I repeat:

A baby bear.



A baby wolf.

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